Data Collection & Management

Westat has decades of experience developing survey instruments; training interviewers and clinicians; tracing respondents; and managing data quality, timeliness, and costs. We are experts in tailoring interviewer training and survey management methods to the needs of each study, large or small, multisite or single site.

Westat uses state-of-the-art technology to facilitate data collection and management. We developed our own innovative methods for web-based and multimodal surveys, address-based samples (ABS), random digit dialing (RDD), and computer-assisted interviewing (CAI). We have managed nationwide in-person studies involving as many as 100,000 respondents over multiple rounds of interviewing. Our large capacity enables us to deliver up to 35,000 hours of telephone interviewing each week.

We frequently develop specialized protocols for the collection of physical examination data, biologic specimens, and environmental samples. We construct rigorous staff training and quality control measures to ensure standardization and adherence to the study’s protocol.