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Westat's research staff comprises people with diverse training and experience in statistics, economics, social sciences, education, health sciences, and many other fields that support research programs. We hire subject-matter experts, project directors, study managers, survey designers, research analysts, field operations directors, research assistants, and many other research professionals.

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Research - Health Studies

Westat has conducted or supported health research for numerous public and private sector clients. These projects use mail and telephone surveys, in-person interviewing, record abstracting, physical examinations, nutrition assessments, and other methods for descriptive studies. Experimental studies include trials of therapeutic agents and diagnostic tests, as well as clinical and community disease prevention studies. Our involvement ranges from short-term support to long-range planning and design for multiyear, multicenter projects.

Research - Clinical Trials

Westat provides complete contract research organization services for Phase I-IV clinical trials and epidemiologic studies in a variety of therapeutic areas for adult and pediatric populations. From initial evaluation in humans, through controlled clinical trials, to regulatory approval and postmarking surveillance, Westat manages all phases of the clinical development process.

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Computer Systems & Applications

Westat's computer systems and applications development capabilities are central to our work. These capabilities begin with our more than 450 systems analysts and programmers working mostly on Windows-based systems in our corporate network environment. They create and maintain a wide variety of Web, database, and other types of sophisticated applications and systems for our diverse research projects.

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Westat's corporate infrastructure contributes greatly to the success of its contract work. Professionals with experience in a variety of fields, such as accounting and contracts, editorial and word processing, facility operations, graphic arts, human resources, library services, PC and telecommunications, and security operations, among others, work to support Westat projects and corporate goals.

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Survey Processing

Westat employs staff members to perform administrative, data collection, and data processing duties on current Westat research projects. Some assignments require personnel who are bilingual, where English is one of the languages spoken. Survey processing staff positions are paid on an hourly basis. Benefits are based on hours worked and tenure. A high school degree or its equivalent is required. We provide easy access to public transportation with discounted Metro/Ride-On cards and free parking at our offices in Rockville, Maryland.

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Telephone Data Collection

Westat employs skilled telephone data collection staff who administer questionnaires over the telephone. Our studies are typically conducted in English but often require individuals who can also conduct interviews in other languages. Westat has Telephone Research Centers located in three states across the continental United States. Additionally, Westat has telephone data collectors who work from their homes.

Telephone data collection centers are located in the following cities:

  • Rockville, Maryland
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • Merced, California

Telephone data collectors are paid on an hourly basis.

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