Field Data Collector Descriptions

Learn more about the Job of a Westat Data Collector

Field Data Collection

Westat hires and trains in-person data collectors to work on specific projects. Assignments may need to be completed at households, schools, businesses, or site offices. Field data collectors are hired on a temporary, as-needed basis. Some projects may require long-distance travel.

We have field data collector positions in various locations around the country, depending on the requirements of our research projects.

Positions may include the following:

Field Interviewers: Field interviewers conduct in-person interviews with selected respondents. These interviews will be conducted using computer-assisted or paper questionnaires, depending on study requirements. Field interviewers are responsible for contacting respondents at homes, businesses, or schools to conduct the interviews. They transmit the interview data back to the home office.

Listers: Listers may record addresses for residential structures such as houses, apartment buildings, and mobile homes for household surveys, or they may record addresses and short descriptions for commercial structures such as shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, and other nonresidential buildings.

Assessors: Assessors administer standardized tests, most frequently to children in schools, though other settings and respondents may be included.

Medical Records Abstractors: Abstractors review medical records and record information from the files as specified by the study protocol. Medical abstractors usually conduct their work at hospitals and doctors' offices.

Other Data Collectors: These positions range from performing clerical work, to observing behavior (e.g., observing seat belt use), to health professionals conducting medical examinations.