Clinical Trials

Westat delivers excellence in design, management, and analysis for domestic and international clinical trials. We support drug, biologic, and device development for both commercial and government clients.

Advancing Clinical Decision Support Developing a Model Electronic Health Record Format for Children Anticipating Unintended Consequences of Health IT/Exchange Improving Consumer Health Product Design

Why Clients Select Westat


Westat participates in health research and implementation projects that may contribute to the well being of the human race.

Industry Position

Westat is a medium-sized organization catering to clients with principles similar to ours and a goal of merging strengths to create the strongest team possible.


Founded in 1963, Westat is an employee-owned firm with a long history of exceeding clients' expectations.

Client Relations

Westat staff work diligently with our clients to foster an environment of cooperation, communication, and collaboration, and to ensure project success and client satisfaction.


Getting Started with Westat

Learn how our Trial Planning Tool can assist in defining how you
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