Campaign Development & Implementation

Westat specializes in the development and implementation of social marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness, educate, and motivate people to change their attitudes and behaviors.

We begin by developing a thorough understanding of the interests, attributes, and needs of the target audiences for each campaign. We help clients assess the issues to be addressed; define campaign goals; and recommend how best to reach a range of audience segments, including researchers, providers, patients and their caregivers, advocacy organizations, youth, and older adults.

Whether a campaign is designed to recruit participants for a clinical trial, encourage energy savings, address health disparities, or raise awareness of health conditions that affect millions of Americans, Westat's communications professionals can help create a program that works.

Case Studies

Influenza Vaccination

Westat is working to increase the number of Americans who get an annual influenza vaccination. We are working with CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases to promote vaccination among the U.S. population and specific groups for whom immunization is especially important. These groups are key because they are or care for people who are at high risk of serious flu-related complications. We are developing traditional and nontraditional partnerships to increase awareness of the importance, benefits, and safety of influenza vaccination and to broaden the campaign's reach. We are using a mix of traditional media methods and innovative digital and social media strategies to reach audiences where they are.

Cancer Awareness

The nonprofit DC Cancer Consortium (DCCC) includes representatives from the health care and advocacy communities in the District of Columbia who are committed to addressing comprehensive cancer control and prevention. With funding provided by the D.C. Department of Health, DCCC awarded Westat two grants to raise awareness among women and health care professionals about endometrial and ovarian cancers. The campaigns were designed to encourage early diagnosis. Through formative research with at-risk women and providers, we developed evidence-based prevention messages. This citywide cancer awareness campaign leveraged partnerships with numerous community organizations, retailers, and media outlets to disseminate campaign messages and materials. We also partnered with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to provide a webinar to local providers for Continuing Medical Education credit, and evaluated the reach of the campaign We recently completed a series of videos that capture the stories of ovarian and endometrial cancer survivors.