Digital & Social Media

As more and more people seek information online, the digital space is prime space for communication, message dissemination, conversation, and audience engagement. Audiences that were once thought to prefer traditional media—older Americans, minorities, providers—are becoming consumers of digital content.

Westat uses innovative digital and social media strategies and tools to both identify and reach your target audiences. We leverage networks and partnerships to create engagement, raise awareness, position brands, and motivate action. We design and implement effective campaigns that achieve their goals and deliver measurable results. We have experience in identifying and engaging influencers and activating social networks to raise awareness, share and recommend information, generate on- and offline conversations and action, and lead to changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

Case Studies

Influenza Vaccination

For CDC's National Influenza Vaccination Campaign, Westat has planned and implemented a number of digital strategies to help increase the campaign's reach. Among these strategies was a first-to-market concept that brought the on- and offline worlds together to support flu vaccination. Another innovative strategy has been to activate influential micro bloggers to disseminate CDC's flu vaccination messages to their engaged followers. Finally, we are conducting an outreach campaign to engage online publishers across a variety of verticals to write about the campaign. For more information on Westat's support for this CDC campaign, visit the Campaign Development & Implementation page.

Informatics for Consumer Health

The National Cancer Institute's Informatics for Consumer Health initiative seeks to engage influencers and agents of change around the issue of health IT. Those working in this space—entrepreneurs, providers, researchers, and IT professionals—are key to the process of developing strategies and tools that can influence and change health behaviors. To support this initiative, Westat conducted an assessment of where these audiences are, how they spend their time, and how best to reach them. The results of this research led to development of an innovative digital strategy for reaching these audiences to engage them in conversation and foster increased collaboration.

It's a Noisy Planet

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) and its flagship campaign, It's a Noisy Planet. Protect Their Hearing, approached Westat with a challenge—how do we make the topic of communication disorders something people want to talk about? To inform the recommendations, we conducted an environmental scan and best practices research, and guided key upfront team brainstorming and collaboration. From this, we recommended a social media strategy to support the Institute and its projects. Central to the strategy was developing and launching a Twitter handle for NIDCD and a Facebook page for the Noisy Planet campaign. These pages are actively engaging the program target audiences and continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of NIDCD's stakeholders and constituents.