Knowledge Management & Transfer

Westat's proven approach to knowledge management and transfer allows us to provide timely and accurate information to a broad range of audiences. Our information center services include inquiry response, information development and dissemination, outreach and education, campaign implementation, web and application development and storage and fulfillment.

Case Studies

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Westat provides comprehensive support for NCCAM Clearinghouse. We develop, maintain, and host NCCAM's accessible and informative web site; create a variety of award-winning publications, including consumer fact sheets, newsletters, and research spotlights; respond to multichannel inquiries in English and Spanish; manage the Center's exhibit program; provide media relations support and training to NCCAM scientists; advise NCCAM on social marketing tactics, including hosting TwitterChats and providing guidance for managing the Center's Facebook and Twitter accounts; and manage inventory and fulfillment operations

National Eye Institute Public Communication

Since 1998, Westat provided technical and logistical support for NEI's education and public outreach activities. We develop, maintain, and host NEI's accessible and informative web sites; develop fact sheets and other information resources in English and Spanish; respond to multichannel inquiries in English and Spanish; support the Institute's exhibit program; and manage inventory and fulfillment operations

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Westat designs and maintains the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange,(external site) [*] the nation's largest Web-based collection of evidence-rated health care delivery innovations and QualityTools. This multipronged program promotes the dissemination, adoption, and implementation of new ways to deliver health care that improve outcomes and reduce disparities in health and health care. Clinicians, health system administrators, health plan managers, quality improvement professionals, and policymakers can benefit from the site.

The Exchange features a Web-based information hub focused on Innovation Profiles, which offer detailed descriptions of innovative service delivery activities in primary care, health IT implementation, care coordination, health literacy, mental health and primary care integration, chronic disease management, and preventive care. In addition, the site includes policy related innovations, quality improvement tools, and learning and networking opportunities for its users.

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