Web & Application Development

Westat develops and maintains award-winning web sites for some of the nation's leading health, science, and education organizations. We have extensive experience in creating and testing sites to ensure that their architecture is intuitive and visitors find them user-friendly, accessible, and easy to navigate.

Case Studies

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Westat has worked with the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) since 1996 to develop and maintain accessible, informative, and award-winning web sites that meet the needs of its target audiences. In addition to the main NIDCD web site, Westat designs and maintains the NIH Stem Cell Information and Noisy Planet campaign web sites and the NIDCD Intranet. We also design e-bulletins, newsletters, and interactive educational games for NIDCD staff and site visitors.

National Eye Institute

Westat develops, manages, and hosts the NEI web site, which includes a photo, image, and public service announcement catalog containing hundreds of downloadable materials; a resources database; and an online publications catalog with secure credit card ordering. We provide security and server support, track and analyze user metrics, and ensure Section 508 compliance. We regularly evaluate the sites and content for enhancements and conduct regular testing at Westat's in-house usability lab. In addition to the main NEI site, Westat developed and maintains See All You Can See, an interactive web site that uses games to teach children about vision science and the importance of eye health; and The Eye Clinic web site, which provides patients and clinical trials participants with information about ongoing studies.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Westat develops, maintains, and hosts NCCAM's accessible, informative, and award-winning web site and an intranet. Westat performs daily site maintenance and periodic targeted improvements based on usability testing and customer feedback. Westat also develops applications for the site and ensures full compliance with Section 508. We recently enhanced the site by migrating it into a content management system; integrating it with leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; adding "Share This" widgets; and syndicating content through a feed that allows users to follow new information via their mobile devices and RSS readers.

National Science Foundation

For the National Science Foundation, we developed the interagency International Polar Year (IPY) web site and the U.S. Antarctic Program Summaries section of the Office of Polar Programs web site. We have supported the NSF's Office of Legislative and Public Affairs for the past five years in its mission to provide timely news through its flagship public web site.

For IPY, Westat built and maintained a customized content management system, and designed and developed the web site incorporating best practices in information architecture and Section 508-compliant accessible designs. We also created the multimedia Climate Change Special Report subsite for NSF, features of which include slide shows that allow the user to browse and view selected images, photo captions for all images, and a multimedia content management tool that allows NSF to post audiovisual materials.

Westat worked with Bottle Rocket to create the award-winning Science 360 for iPad app for NSF. The app showcases captivating multimedia content from NSF-funded institutions, displayed in high-resolution images and videos. The name "Science360" reflects the app's unique presentation of science content in a spherical, "infinitely scrollable" format. The application also enables users to share images and video via email or on Facebook and Twitter.