Survey Questionnaires & Interviews

Innovative Solutions

Westat pioneered a touchscreen version of the audio computer-assisted self-interviewing (ACASI) method. Westat's ACASI consists of a computer that displays questions and answers, reads these through headphones to the respondents, and prompts respondents to simply touch their answer on the screen. ACASI's benefits include participant privacy and ease of use, as well as decreased study costs and increased data quality.

Westat is doing groundbreaking work on interactive voice response (IVR) applications that simulate natural conversation with telephone respondents. The system "speaks" the questions, understands the spoken responses, and stores them. Westat's work in IVR technologies has helped decrease costs in large data collection efforts.

Data Collection

Westat provides

  • Mail, telephone, interview, web-based, and multimode data collection in multiple languages
  • Computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) systems for telephone, in-person, and self-interviewing surveys
  • Data collection in households, communities, schools, hospitals, military units, detention facilities, and other organizations
  • On-site data abstraction at public and private agencies
  • Warehousing and analysis of administrative or client data
  • State-of-the-art data security

Survey Management Software

Westat uses and supports several customized software applications for scheduling, interviewing, and data handling.