Health & Medical

Westat has conducted or supported health research for numerous public and private sector clients. These projects use mail and telephone surveys, in-person interviewing, record abstracting, physical examinations, nutrition assessments, and other methods for descriptive studies. Experimental studies include trials of therapeutic agents and diagnostic tests, as well as clinical and community disease prevention studies. Our involvement ranges from short-term support to long-range planning and design for multiyear, multicenter projects.

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Behavioral Health

Westat supports efforts to reduce substance abuse and tobacco use through its work on surveillance systems, health services research, and program and policy evaluations.

Clinical Trials Site (external site)

Westat delivers excellence in design, management, and analysis for clinical trials. We support drug, biologic, and device development and commercialization.

Disability & Long-Term Care

Westat activities include evaluating programs, developing performance measurement tools, performing case studies, measuring service quality, and assessing consumer satisfaction.

Environmental Exposure

We have applied national field resources to the collection of environmental samples in homes, schools, and industrial facilities and coordinated analyses at specialized laboratories.

Epidemiology, Surveillance & Intervention

Our health research encompasses more than 200 epidemiologic studies, including descriptive, case-control, cohort, and intervention studies and screening and treatment trials.

Health Care Services & Outcomes

Our research provides national estimates of the use of health care services, information on the nation's health status, and the quality of care for targeted health conditions.

Health Disparities

Our research focuses on the vulnerable populations who face disparities and the particular health conditions for which they are most at risk.

Health Economics

Westat is experienced in nationwide data collection and analysis regarding issues of health care expenditures, health insurance coverage, and socioeconomic issues.

Health Information Technology Site

Westat supports our clients in transforming health care through the appropriate use of health information technology. We offer expertise with a variety of technologies and applications across all provider settings.

International Health

Whether it's HIV/AIDs, TB and other diseases, avian influenza, STDs, or nutrition, Westat provides extensive experience in a diverse portfolio of international health research issues.

Mental Health

Meeting the nation's mental health needs poses many challenges. Westat provides up-to-date information on the mental health service delivery system.

Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Our studies include patient safety issues, such as event reporting systems and the organizational culture surrounding the provision of safe care, as well as patients' satisfaction with medical plans and services.

Physical Examination & Health Status Surveys

Westat is in the forefront of using methods such as mobile centers for physical examinations, integrated survey information systems, and psychological and nutritional evaluations.