Military & Veterans

Westat research supports the military's human resource needs, including personnel recruitment and retention, quality of life, and programs for military members and their families. The results of these studies are used to shape many of the human resources policies and practices of the military services.

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Customer Experience

Westat develops and administers surveys of returning military members and their families to assess the awareness of, and satisfaction with, various treatment and benefit programs.

Military Family

We conduct studies and surveys of soldiers and family members and analyze data on the effectiveness of new military policies, including deployment policies. Other areas of data collection include housing and community assessment; status of paid employment and volunteer work; family status, child care, and health care; and assessment of morale programs.

Recruitment & Retention

We have conducted surveys measuring youth awareness of military incentives and enrollment options, the likelihood that a youth would enter military service, enlisted soldiers' attitudes on gender policies, and reasons for leaving the military.

Veterans Health

Our studies have analyzed service improvements for disabled veterans, evaluated mental health and alcohol screening tools, and compared the effectiveness of treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).