Training & Consulting

Westat's training and technical assistance helps build capacity in study design, protocol development, project and data management, and statistical analysis. We offer training in evaluation design and implementation and provide technical assistance in all phases of a project from conceptualization to analysis and reporting. For example, Westat

  • Has worked with counterparts to ensure adequate protection for human subjects in clinical studies and prepare, manage, and submit regulatory documents to authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Develops innovative technology solutions to facilitate data collection and management and provide ongoing user support and training.
  • Can assess clinical site facilities, capabilities, and procedures; provide training and certification; help with the development of standard operating procedures and quality assurance programs; and monitor site performance.
  • Trains partners in project management, including how to develop standard operating procedures, develop and monitor adherence to timelines and budgets, contract and manage clinics and field locations, recruit and train staff, coordinate collaborators' activities, monitor performance, and report to funding agencies.