Westat combines strong statistical skills and national survey data collection capabilities with the experience of nationally recognized transportation and human factors researchers. We have applied these resources to research on traffic safety, vehicle design, travel characteristics, alcohol-impaired motorists, transit needs analysis, and intelligent transportation systems.

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Human Factors

Westat's human factors researchers measure and identify causes of driver error and risky behavior in various situations. We also evaluate emerging technology, such as intelligent crash warning systems and seat belt reminder systems. To simulate products and environments, we use instrumented vehicles, driving simulators, roadway instrumentation, and a range of specialized lab and field recording equipment.

Transportation Safety

Westat has decades of experience in developing, implementing, and managing crash investigation projects, including large-scale networks of crash investigation teams. To reduce causes and consequences of vehicle crashes, Westat has conducted numerous studies on drinking and driving, use of seat belts, speeding, and aggressive driving.

Travel Behavior

Westat provides high-quality geocoding, scheduling, and mapping services that support transportation and safety research, as well as health, energy, homeland security, community, and education studies.

GeoStats Services

GeoStats Services, recently acquired by Westat in November 2012, is a leader and innovator in the development and use of the global positioning system (GPS) and geospatial systems for the collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting of transportation data.