Westat conducts qualitative and quantitative workforce studies and consults with Federal agencies, state and local governments, major corporations, utility companies, and labor unions.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For the public sector, Federal agencies, and the military, Westat has tracked a variety of workforce issues, including performance management, training and development, and overall job satisfaction.


We have conducted studies to determine the prevalence of severely disabled persons in the United States, factors that enable disabled persons to stay in the workforce, and a set of self-reported items that predict work disability.


Westat conducts surveys to measure the perceptions and experiences of employees regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative employment.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys & Organizational Assessments

Our research includes employee satisfaction surveys; performance appraisal, training, and systems evaluations; and assessment of organizational effectiveness.

Employment, Training & National Service

Westat evaluates major employment, training, and national service programs for adults and youth, as well as studies on unemployment insurance and various forms of worker assistance.

Health & Environment

Westat has studied indoor air quality and the work environment in large office buildings, evaluated training programs for working safely around lead paint, and studied the health effects of asbestos in schools and commercial buildings.

Immigration Compliance

Westat evaluates electronic employment verification programs mandated under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.