2017 Federal CASIC Workshops

April 11, 2017 to April 12, 2017
Suitland, Maryland

Westat staff presented on a variety of topics at the 2017 Federal CASIC (Computer-Assisted Survey Information Collection) Workshops, April 11-12, 2017, at the U.S. Census Bureau, in Suitland, Maryland. Westat Vice Presidents Jane Shepherd and Brad Edwards are the Westat coordinators for this annual workshop series. The workshop series is sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.

The keynote speaker at this year’s workshop was Dr. John Abowd, Associate Director for Research and Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau.

Westat participation (names in bold) in the program included the following:

Karen Brenner. Improving Survey Management and Operations with Proper Support Desk Implementation​.

Amber Brown, Erika Bonilla, Kaitlynn Genoversa-Wong, Jacky Choi, Giannella De Rienzo, Janice Machado, Laurie May, and John Kirlin. Lessons Learned from Training Field Staff to Perform Multiple Data Collection Roles.

Andrew Heller, Muona Malola, Anuja Pathak, Abie Reifer, Ting Yan, Aaron Maitland, Cheryl Crotts, Erika Bonilla, Kaitlynn Genoversa-Won, Bryan Davis, David Garner, Jacky Choi, Giannella De Rienzo, Laurie May, and Janice Machado. The Food Study App and Website: Self-Administered Reporting for FOODAPS ADCM.

Dennis Pickett. FISMA Security for CASIC Projects.

Jane Shepherd. (Session Chair). Management Challenges Associated with Staffing the Survey Lifecycle.