31st Annual American Evaluation Association (AEA) Conference (2017)

November 6, 2017 to November 11, 2017
Washington, DC

Westat staff will be participating at the 31st Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) in Washington, DC, November 6-11, 2017. Evaluation 2017 brings together evaluators, evaluation scholars, students, and evaluation users from around the world to share and learn from the successes of the international discipline and practice of evaluation.

The theme of this year’s conference is From Learning to Action, and the conference will provide attendees the opportunity to be involved in the shared experience through a variety of presentations and learning formats.

Westat staff contributions (see below, with Westat staff names in bold) include presentations, posters, session discussants, and more. For additional details, see the online program.

Crystal L. Barksdale, Chandria Jones, Preethy George, Ronald Claus, and Zhiqun Tang. (Poster). Implementation of Cultural and Linguistic Competence Strategies and Perceptions of Care: Differences by Parent/Caregiver Race and Ethnicity.

Susan H. Chibnall, Michael Steketee, and Jaymie Lorthridge. (Presentation). Using Social Network Analysis to Engage Stakeholders and Learn About Systems Change.

Tamara Daley. (Panel Discussant). The Formative and Summative Benefits of Social Network Analysis in Evaluation of Community Collaboratives.

Joy Frechtling, Simani Price, Meaghan Mingo, Tarsha McCrae, Tara Dunderdale, Martha Engstrom, Cathy Backinger, Dana van Bemmel, Ami Bahde, Lynn Hull, Helen Meissner, Rachel Mandel, and Rachel Grana-Mayne. (Presentation). A Five-Year Look at the Status and Accomplishments of the Tobacco Regulatory Science Research Portfolio (2010-2015).

Preethy George, Crystal L. Barksdale, Ronald Claus, Zhiqun Tang, Nataly Johanson Tello, and Sushama Rajapaksa. (Poster). Characteristics of Systems Implementing Strategies to Improve Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Service Access in Children’s Mental Health.

Kathryn Henderson and Clara Wagner. (Demonstration). Learn How to Enhance Evaluation Research Using Administrative Data: A Demonstration.

Grace Huang, Sushama Rajapaksa, Joselin Bravo Bueno, Preethy George, Chandria Jones, and Abram Rosenblatt. (Poster). Using Social Network Analysis to Assess Interagency Collaborations to Promote Cultural Competency and Access to Services for Children’s Mental Health Systems of Care.

Nanmathi Manian. (Panel Discussant). Assessing the “What” in Networks: Learning How to Achieve Rigor Through Parsimony.

Tarsha McCrae, Martha Engstrom, Joy Frechtling, Cathy Backinger, Dana van Bemmel, Ami Bahde, Lynn Hull, Helen Meissner, Rachel Mandel, and Rachel Grana-Mayne. (Presentation). Using Evaluation Results to Inform Stakeholder Decision-Making Related to the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP’s) Tobacco Regulatory Science Research Portfolio.

Mary Odell Butler. (Discussion Group Leader). Ethnographic Methods and Organizational Learning: Development Evaluation and Evaluation Anthropology Approaches.

Simani Price, Laura Pechta, Saloni Sapru, Dale A Rose, Melanie Chansky, Matthew W. Seeger. (Presentation). Developing Evidence-Based Metrics to Assess CDC Emergency Risk Communication During Public Health Emergencies.

Beth Rabinovich, Jane Sigmon, and Karen Allen. (Panel). Results of the Baseline Assessment of the Child Protection Compact Partnership Between the U.S. and Ghana.

Debra Rog. (Panel Discussant). Evaluability Assessment Across Disciplines and Diverse Evaluation Contexts.

Debra Rog. (Session Chair). New Strategies for Evaluating Community Networks: Learning on the Ground in a Multisite Initiative.

Debra Rog. (Panel Discussant). Shining the Light Where Change Occurs: Assessing Organic and Unplanned Outcomes.

Abram Rosenblatt. (Session Chair). Creating Equitable Children’s Mental Health Services: Mixed Methods Findings from the Children’s Mental Health Initiative.

Abram Rosenblatt and Nicole Fettig. (Panel). The Children’s Mental Health Initiative (CMHI): Enhancing the Evaluation of Locally Developed Systems of Care Projects.

Saloni Sapru, Melanie Chansky, Patricia Green, and Mary Odell Butler. (Presentation). Evaluating Interprofessional Collaborations for the Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Gary Silverstein. (Panel Discussant). Developing Monitoring Systems: Confessions, Lessons, and Successes.

Naomi Yount and Michael Hornbostel. (Presentation). Improving Access to FEVS Data to Explore and Help Uncover Successes and Areas for Improvement.