72nd Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) (2017)

May 18, 2017 to May 21, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana

Westat staff are participating at the 72nd Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR)  May 18-21, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The theme of this year’s conference is Embracing Change and Diversity in Public Opinion and Social Science Research. This event is considered the premier gathering of survey and public opinion researchers from around the globe.

Westat is a Platinum sponsor of the conference as well a sponsor of the ResearchHack 3.0, AAPOR’s version of a hackathon, which is designed to foster collaboration and innovation.

Westat is hosting a reception for conference attendees to meet Roger Tourangeau, PhD, a Westat Vice President and the 2016-17 President of AAPOR. In addition, Westat Vice President Brad Edwards will be teaching a short course, Dashboards for Active Survey Monitoring, as well as available at the author signing area to sign the new book Total Survey Error in Practice in which he served as a co-editor. We are also on site in the exhibit hall, Booth1-2, and encourage attendees to stop by and learn about career opportunities at Westat.a

Westat staff are also involved in a number of ways for the conference:

AAPOR Executive Involvement

  • Roger Tourangeau, President, Executive Council, 2016-17

AAPOR Committee Involvement

  • Martha Stapleton, Education Committee
  • Roger Tourangeau, Nominations Committee
  • Ting Yan, Diversity Subcommittee
  • Ting Yan, Membership and Chapter Relations Committee

AAPOR Ad-Hoc Committees and Task Force Involvement

  • Ismael Flores Cervantes, Future of General Population Telephone Surveys in the U.S. Task Force

AAPOR Publications

  • Ting Yan, Editor, Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

AAPOR Awards Committees

  • Brad Edwards, Chair (WAPOR), WAPOR/AAPOR Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award Committee
  • Roger Tourangeau, Chair, AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement Committee

Over the course of the conference, Westat staff (names in bold) will be sharing their research findings through a variety of posters and presentations. Check the online program for more details.

Jennifer Anderson McNulty, Jocelyn Newsome, Kerry Levin, Brenda Schafer, Pat Langetieg, and Saurabh Datta. (Paper). Optimizing a Government Household Survey for Mobile Devices.

David Cantor, Reanne Townsend, and Andrew Caporaso. (Paper). How Much Does a Promise of a $5 Gift Card Buy for a Web Survey of College Students?  Probably More Than You Think.

Andrew Caporaso, Rosalynn Xin Yang, Roger Tourangeau, and Jingwei Hu. (Paper). Patterns in Panel Effects: A Meta-Analysis. 

Matthew DeBell, Michelle Amsbary, and Vanessa Meldener. (Paper). Improving General Population Survey Response Rates with Visible Money.

Sarah Dipko and Eric Jodts. (Paper). Redirected Inbound Call Surveys (RICS) – Pilot Test Results and Caller Reactions.

Stephanie L. Fowler, Gordon Willis, Richard P. Moser, Dana Wolff-Hughes, Paul Scanlon, Reanne Townsend, and Terisa Davis. (Paper). Methodological Considerations in the Use of Web Probing for Questionnaire Evaluation.

Pamela Giambo, W. Sherman Edwards, Douglas Williams, and Lynn Langton. (Paper). Assessing Impact of Data Collection Level of Effort and Design Features on Bias and Cost.

Emily Goettsche Tristani, April Oh,  Michael Giangrande, Laura Dwyer, Terisa Davis, and David Stinchcomb. (Poster). Augmenting Survey Results with Geographic Information.

Marsha Hasson, Victoria Vignare, Susan Genoversa, Tammy Cook, and Brad Edwards. (Paper). Using GPS to Detect Falsifiers: Some Nuts and Bolts.

Ryan Hubbard. (Poster). Living Up to Your Potential: Convincing Field Staff to Consider Modeled Propensity.

Todd Hughes, Matt Jans, Tara Becker, Kevin McLaughlin, Royce Park, Hongjian Yu, Yueyan Wang, Ninez A. Ponce, Gerald Kominski, Emilia Peytcheva, Jill Dever, Jamie Ridenhour, Andy Peytchev, Ismael Flores Cervantes, and J. Michael Brick. (Paper). Assessing Error in Health Insurance Estimates: A Total Survey Error Perspective and Demonstration.

Eric Jodts and Sharon Lohr. (Paper). An Examination of Seasonal Response Rates During a Year-Long Mail Data Collection Using an ABS Frame.

Justin Kamens, Hanyu Sun, Matthew DeBell, and Vanessa Meldener-Harrell. (Paper). Evaluating the Impact of CARI Rapid Feedback on Interviewer Performance on the American National Election Study (ANES).

Kerry Levin, Jennifer Anderson McNulty, Jocelyn Newsome, Brenda Schafer, Pat Langetieg, and Saurabh Datta. (Paper). Do Incentives Still Matter?

Vanessa Meldener-Harrell, Michelle Amsbary, and Brad Edwards. (Paper). Assessing the Reliability of the Massey-Martin Scale on ANES.

Mina Muller, W. Sherman Edwards, Regina Yudd, and Pamela Giambo. (Paper). Cost Considerations in Mail Surveys.

Jocelyn Newsome,  Jennifer Anderson McNulty, Kerry Levin, Brenda Schafer, Pat Langetieg, and Saurabh Datta. (Paper). Reaching Out to Spanish-Speaking Respondents in an IRS Household Survey.

Reina Sprankle, Beth Hunter, Brandi McMillan, Jocelyn Newsome, Jennifer Anderson McNulty, Kerry Levin, Brenda Schafer, Pat Langetieg, and Saurabh Datta. (Paper). Integrating Feedback from Post-Collection Data Management into Questionnaire Design.

Darby Steiger, Leanne Heaton, Jessica Behm, Crystal MacAllum, and Jessica Stroop. (Paper). Improving the Measurement of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Among Youth.       

Hanyu Sun and Gonzalo Rivero. (Paper). One Size Does Not Fit All: Measuring and Evaluating Interviewer Performance in Multiple Dimensions.

Reanne Townsend, Rosalynn Xin Yang, J. Michael Brick, Terisa Davis, Richard P. Moser, Gordon Willis, Dana Wolff-Hughes, Stephanie Fowler, David Berrigan, and Kelly Blake. (Paper). Using Online Panel Surveys to Estimate Population-Level Health Statistics.

Katy Trundle, Andrew Caporaso, April Oh, Terisa Davis, Laura Dwyer, and Erin Hennessy. (Paper). Impact of Incentive Amount on Adolescent Participation in an Accelerometer-Based Physical Activity Assessment.

Antonia Warren and Shelley Brock Roth. (Poster). Quality of Commercial Data Sources.

Jerome Wernimont, and Martha Stapleton. (Paper). Enabling Adaptive Design through Technology.

Douglas Williams, J. Michael Brick, W. Sherman Edwards, Pamela Giambo, and Lynn Langton. (Paper). Improving Reporting Date of Victimization Events in Mail Surveys.

Ting Yan, Janice Machado, Andrew Heller, Erika Bonilla, Aaron Maitland, and John Kirlin. (Paper). The Feasibility of Using Smartphones to Record Food Purchase and Acquisition.