Westat researchers publish on a wide array of topics that further our understanding of the field and focus on improving lives through research. Selected publications that communicate our findings, including books, peer-reviewed articles and technical reports, conference proceedings, and more are presented here.


Bartels S.J., Aschbrenner K.A., Pratt S.I., Zubkoff L., Jue K., Williams G., Godfrey M.M., Cohen M.J., Banerjee S., Xie H., Wolfe R., Naslund J.A., and Bond G.R. (2022).

Virtual learning collaborative compared to technical assistance as a strategy for implementing health promotion in routine mental health settings: A hybrid type 3 cluster randomized trial.

Gaglani M., Kim S.S., Naleway A.L., Levine M.Z., Edwards L., Murthy K., Dunnigan K., Zunie T., Groom H., Ball S., Jeddy Z., Hunt D., Wesley M.G., Sambhara S., Gangappa S., Grant L., Cao W., Liaini Gross F., Mishina M., Fry A.M., Thompson M.G., Dawood F.S., and Flannery B. (2022).

Effect of repeat vaccination on immunogenicity of quadrivalent cell-culture and recombinant influenza vaccines among healthcare personnel aged 18–64 Years: A randomized, open-label trial.

Britton A., Embi P.J., Levy M.E., Gaglani M., DeSilva M.B., Dixon B.E., Dascomb K., Patel P., Schrader K.E., Klein N.P., Ong T.C., Natarajan K., Hartmann E., Kharbanda A.B., Irving S.A., Dickerson M., Dunne M.M., Raiyani C., Grannis S.J., Stenehjem E., Zerbo O., Rao S., Han J., Sloan-Aagard C., Griggs E.P., Weber Z.A., Murthy K., Fadel W.F., Grisel N., McEvoy C., Lewis N., Barron M.A., Nanez J., Reese S.E., Mamawala M., Valvi N.R., Arndorfer J., Goddard K., Yang D.-H., Fireman B., Ball S.W., Link-Gelles R., Naleway A.L., and Tenforde M.W. (2022).

Effectiveness of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines against COVID-19-associated hospitalizations among immunocompromised adults during SARS-CoV-2 omicron predominance — VISION Network, 10 states, December 2021–August 2022.

Williams R., Cao P., Li T., Luta G., Smith L., Mandelblatt J., Jeon J., Zhao A., Levy D., Davis K., Stanton C., Niaura R., Abrams D., Lobo T., Anderson E., Meza R., Jayasekera J., and Taylor K.L. (2022).

A randomized trial of telephone-based smoking cessation treatment in the lung cancer screening setting.

Mueller A.S., Cicchino J.B., Benedick A., De Leonardis D., and Huey R. (2022).

Bears in our midst: Familiarity with Level 2 driving automation and attending to surprise on-road events.

Yan T. and Tourangeau R. (2022).

Detecting underreporters of abortions and miscarriages in the National Study of Family Growth, 2011–2015.

Tatalovich Z., Stinchcomb D.G., Ng D., Yu M., Lewis D.R., Zhu L., and Feuer E.J.R. (2022).

Developing geographic areas for cancer reporting using automated zone design.

Flerlage J.E., Myers J.R., Maciaszek J.L., Oak N., Rashkin S.R., Hui Y., Wang Y.-D., Chen W., Wu G., Chang T.-C., Hamilton K.V., Goldin L.R., Rotunno M., Caporaso N.E., Vogt A., Flamish D., Wyatt K., Liu J., Tucker M.A., Mullighan C.G., Nichols K.E., Metzger M.L., McMaster M.L., Yang J.J., and Rampersaud E. (2022).

Discovery of novel predisposing coding and noncoding variants in familial Hodgkin lymphoma.

Etemadi A., Buller I.D., Hashemian M., Roshandel G., Poustchi H., Espinosa M.M., Blount B.C., Pfeiffer C.M., Keshavarzi B., Flory A.R., Nasseri-Moghaddam S., Dawsey S.M., Freedman N.D., Abnet C.C., Malekzadeh R., and Ward M.H. (2022).

Urinary nitrate and sodium in a high-risk area for upper gastrointestinal cancers: Golestan Cohort Study.

Ferdinands J.M., Rao S., Dixon B.E., Mitchell P.K., DeSilva M.B., Irving S.A., Lewis N., Natarajan K., Stenehjem E., Grannis S.J., Han J., McEvoy C., Ong T.C., Naleway A.L., Reese S.E., Embi P.J., Dascomb K., Klein N.P., Griggs E.P., Konatham D., Kharbanda A.B., Yang D.-H., Fadel W.F., Grisel N., Goddard K., Patel P., Liao I.-C., Birch R., Valvi N.R., Reynolds S., Arndorfer J., Zerbo O., Dickerson M., Murthy K., Williams J., Bozio C.H., Blanton L., Verani J.R., Schrag S.J., Dalton A.F., Wondimu M.H., Link-Gelles R., Azziz-Baumgartner E., Barron M.A., Gaglani M., Thompson M.G., and Fireman B. (2022).

Waning 2-dose and 3-dose effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19-associated emergency department and urgent care encounters and hospitalizations among adults during periods of Delta and Omicron variant predominance—VISION Network, 10 States.

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