Westat researchers publish on a wide array of topics that further our understanding of the field and focus on improving lives through research. Selected publications that communicate our findings, including books, peer-reviewed articles and technical reports, conference proceedings, and more are presented here.


Natarajan K., Prasad N., Dascomb K., Irving S.A., Yang D.-H., Gaglani M., Klein N.P., DeSilva M.B., Ong T.C., Grannis S.J., Stenehjem E., Link-Gelles R., Rowley E.A., Naleway A.L., Han J., Raiyani C., Benitez G.V., Rao S., Lewis N., Fadel W.F., Grisel N., Griggs E.P., Dunne M.M., Stockwell M.S., Mamawala M., McEvoy C., Barron M.A., Goddard K., Valvi N.R., Arndorfer J., Patel P., Mitchell P.K., Smith M., Kharbanda A.B., Fireman B., Embi P.J., Dickerson M., Davis J.M., Zerbo O., Dalton A.F., Wondimu M.H., Azziz-Baumgartner E., Bozio C.H., Reynolds S., Ferdinands J., Williams J., Schrag S.J., Verani J.R., Ball S., Thompson M.G., and Dixon B.E. (2022).

Effectiveness of homologous and heterologous COVID-19 booster doses following 1 Ad.26.COV2.S (Janssen [Johnson & Johnson]) vaccine dose against COVID-19-associated emergency department and urgent care encounters and hospitalizations among adults.

Strongin R.M., Sharma E., Erythropel H.C., El-Hellani A., Kassem N.O.F., Mikheev V.B., Noël A., Peyton D.H., and Springer M.L. (2022).

Emerging ENDS products and challenges in tobacco control toxicity research.

Klein N.P., Stockwell M.S., Demarco M., Gaglani M., Kharbanda A.B., Irving S.A., Rao S., Grannis S.J., Dascomb K., Murthy K., Rowley E.A., Dalton A.F., DeSilva M.B., Dixon B.E., Natarajan K., Stenehjem E., Naleway A.L., Lewis N., Ong T.C., Patel P., Konatham D., Embi P.J., Reese S.E., Grisel N., Goddard K., Barron M.A., Dickerson M., Liao I.-C., Fadel W.F., Yang D.-H., Arndorfer J., Fireman B., Griggs E.P., Valvi N.R., Hallowell C., Zerbo O., Reynolds S., Ferdinands J., Wondimu M.H., Williams J., Bozio C.H., Link-Gelles R., Azziz-Baumgartner E., Schrag S.J., Thompson M.G., and Verani J.R. (2022).

Effectiveness of COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination in preventing COVID-19-associated emergency department and urgent care encounters and hospitalizations among nonimmunocompromised children and adolescents aged 5–17 years — VISION Network.

Saa P., Fink R.V., Bakkour S., Jin J., Simmons G., Muench M.O., Dawar H., Di Germanio C., Hui A.J., Wright D.J., Krysztof D.E., Kleinman S.H., Cheung A., Nester T., Kessler D.A., Townsend R.L., Spencer B.R., Kamel H., Vannoy J.M., Dave H., Busch M.P., Stramer S.L., Stone M., Jackman R.P., and Norris P.J. (2022).

Frequent detection but lack of infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in presymptomatic, infected blood donor plasma.

George P., Ghose S.S., Goldman H.H., O'Brien J., Daley T.C., Dixon L.B., and Rosenblatt A. (2022).

Growth of coordinated specialty care in the United States with changes in federal funding policies: 2014–2018.

Kasza K.A., Tang Z., Xiao H., Marshall D., Stanton C., Gross A.L., Jackson K.M., Kelley D., Schroeder M.J., Vivar J.C., and Hyland A. (2022).

National longitudinal tobacco product cessation rates among US adults from the PATH Study: 2013–2019 (waves 1–5).

Anderson C.E., Martinez C.E., Ritchie L.D., Paolicelli C., Reat A., Borger C., and Whaley S.E. (2022).

Longer Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) participation duration is associated with higher diet quality at age 5 years.

Li J., Krenzke T., Ren W., Mohadjer L., Fay R., and Erciulescu A. (2022).

Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC): State-level estimation for age and education groups methodology report.

Aikin K.J., Sullivan H.W., Caporaso A., Hoverman V., Yan T., Williams D., and Crafts J. (2022).

Attention to risk information in direct-to-consumer prescription drug print ads: An eye-tracking study.

West B.A., Reed M.P., Benedick A., De Leonardis D., Huey R., and Sauber-Schatz E. (2022).

Belt fit for children in vehicle seats with and without belt-positioning boosters.

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