Westat researchers publish on a wide array of topics that further our understanding of the field and focus on improving lives through research. Selected publications that communicate our findings, including books, peer-reviewed articles and technical reports, conference proceedings, and more are presented here.


Hartveit M., Hovlid E., Øvretveit J., Assmus J., Bond G., Joa I., Heiervang K., Stensrud B., Høifødt T.S., Biringer E., and Ruud T. (2022).

Can systematic implementation support improve programme fidelity by improving care providers' perceptions of implementation factors? A cluster randomized trial.

Rohan E.A., Gallaway M.S., Huang G.C., Ng D., Boehm J.E., Samarasinha R., and Stachon K. (2022).

Disparities in psychosocial distress screening and management of lung and ovarian cancer survivors.

Erciulescu A.L. and Opsomer J.D. (2022).

A model-based approach to predict employee compensation components.

Friesen M.C., Hung F., Xie S., Viet S.M., Deziel N.C., Locke S.J., Josse P.R., Sauvé J.F., Andreotti G., Thorne P.S., Beane-Freeman L.E., and Hofmann J.N. (2022).

A task-specific algorithm to estimate occupational (1→3)-ß-D-glucan exposure for farmers in the Biomarkers of Exposure and Effect in Agriculture Study.

Ren W., Li J., Erciulescu A.L., Krenzke T., and Mohadjer L. (2022).

A variable selection method for small area estimation modeling of the proficiency of adult competency.

Campione J.R., Ritchie N.D., Fishbein H.A., Mardon R.E., Johnson M.C., Pace W., Birch R.J., Seeholzer E.L., Zhang X., Proia K., Siegel K.R., and McKeever Bullard K. (2022).

Use and impact of type 2 diabetes prevention interventions.

Link-Gelles R., Levy M.E., Gaglani M., Irving S.A., Stockwell M., Dascomb K., DeSilva M.B., Reese S.E., Liao I.-C., Ong T.C., Grannis S.J., McEvoy C., Patel P., Klein N.P., Hartmann E., Stenehjem E., Natarajan K., Naleway A.L., Murthy K., Rao S., Dixon B.E., Kharbanda A.B., Akinseye A., Dickerson M., Lewis N., Grisel N., Han J., Barron M.A., Fadel W.F., Dunne M.M., Goddard K., Arndorfer J., Konatham D., Valvi N.R., Currey J.C., Fireman B., Raiyani C., Zerbo O., Sloan-Aagard C., Ball S.W., Thompson M.G., and Tenforde M.W. (2022).

Effectiveness of 2, 3, and 4 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine doses among immunocompetent adults during periods when SARS-CoV-2 omicron BA.1 and BA.2/BA.2.12.1 sublineages predominated — VISION Network, 10 States, December 2021–June 2022.

Slotman B.A., Stinchcomb D.G., Powell-Wiley T.M., Ostendorf D.M., Saelens B.E., Gorin A.A., Zenk S.N., and Berrigan D. (2022).

Environmental data and methods from the Accumulating Data to Optimally Predict Obesity Treatment (ADOPT) core measures environmental working group.

Bond G.R., Al-Abdulmunem M., Ressler D.R., Gade D.M., and Drake R.E. (2022).

A randomized controlled trial of an employment program for veterans transitioning from the military: Two-year outcomes.

Caminiti C., Bryce J., Riva S., Ng D., Diodati F., Iezzi E., Sparavigna L., Novello S., Porta C., Del Mastro L., Procopio G., Cinieri S., Falzetta A., Calabrò F., Lorusso V., Cogoni A.A., Tortora G., Maruzzo M., Passalacqua R., Cognetti F., Adamo V., Capelletto E., Ferrari A., Bagnalasta M., Bassi M., Nicelli A., De Persis D., D'Acunti A., Iannelli E., Perrone F., and Mitchell S.A. (2022).

Cultural adaptation of the Italian version of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Event (PRO-CTCAE).

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