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Westat researchers publish on a wide array of topics that further our understanding of the field and focus on improving lives through research. Selected publications that communicate our findings, including books, peer-reviewed articles and technical reports, conference proceedings, and more are presented here.

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Boyle, R.G., D'Silva, J., Stanton, C.A., Carusi, C., and Tang, Z. (2017). Disparities in cigarette smoking and use of other tobacco products in Minnesota, 2003-14. Journal of Public Health, 1-8.DOIPubMed
Brooks, G.P., Diaz, E.A., and Johanson, G.A. (2017). A precision-based and adaptive approach to number of replications for Monte Carlo studies of robustness and power. General Linear Model Journal, 43(1), 31-49.Source (PDF)
McGurk, S.R., Drake, R.E., Xie, H., Riley, J., Milfort, R., Hale, T.W., and Frey, W.D. (2017). Cognitive predictors of work among Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries with psychiatric disorders enrolled in IPS supported employment. Schizophrenia Bulletin.DOIPubMed
2017 Publications
Sapru, S., Berktold, J., Crews, J.E., Katz, L.J., Hark, L., Girkin, C.A., Owsley, C., Francis, B., and Saaddine, J.B. (2017). Applying RE-AIM to evaluate two community-based programs designed to improve access to eye care for those at high-risk for glaucoma. Evaluation and Program Planning, 65, 40-46.DOIPubMed
2014 Publications
Vousden, C.L., Sapru, S., and Johnson, J.E. (2014). Communicating about biomonitoring and the results of a community-based project: A case study on one state’s experience. Journal of Environmental Health, 77(5), 20-26.PubMed