Mommy Bloggers Are Promising Source for Public Health Communicators

Social media, including blogs written by mothers, are increasingly being recognized as a channel that women use to make personal and family health–related decisions. 

Westat partnered with George Mason University on a grant from the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Cancer Institute sponsored this research.

Results from the study are now published: Partnering With Mommy Bloggers to Disseminate Breast Cancer Risk Information: Social Media Intervention.

The study explored the role of mommy bloggers as opinion leaders in raising awareness of and sparking conversation about environmental risk factors for breast cancer.

The study found that readers exposed to the risk messages were more likely to

  • Be open to receiving them
  • Share the messages with others, including their daughters
  • Take action to reduce their risk

To learn more, contact Dr. Burke-Garcia.

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