Westat’s Tobacco and Health Equity Expertise @ SRNT 2023

Members of Westat’s Tobacco Studies Group will present their research at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s (SRNT’s) 2023 conference in San Antonio, Texas, March 1-4, 2023. Their work addresses a range of vital public health and policy areas, such as tobacco use among populations at high risk for tobacco-related health problems, targeted marketing, and biomarkers of tobacco use. These symposia, posters, and talks are the fruit of their collaborations with federal agencies and leading research institutes.

Some of these projects stem from Westat’s role as the contractor carrying out the federal government’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study and the Center for Coordination of Analysis, Science, Enhancement, and Logistics (CASEL) for the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program. Other projects resulted from National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants awarded to Westat’s scientific leaders in these areas of research.

The PATH Study was invited this year to present a featured health equity plenary symposium that examines commercial tobacco use in populations of special relevance, highlighting the critical role the PATH Study is playing in addressing tobacco-related health disparities.

Westat’s staff (in bold) include the following:

Invited Plenary Session

Hyland A., Baig, S., Bansal-Travers, M., Kaufman, A., Stanton, C.A., Villanti, A., & Fagan, P. Understanding Commercial Tobacco Use in Populations of Special Relevance: Examination of Health Equities and Tobacco in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study.

Baig, S., Stanton, C.A., Taylor, K., Lauten, K., Sharma, E., Creamer, M., Kanel, M., Kimmel, H., Kingsbury, J., Kuramoto Crawford, J., Marshall, D., Choi, K., Buchanan Lunsford, N., Anesetti-Rothermel, A., Benson, A., Borek, N., Davis Lynn, B., Oniyide, O., Reuben, J., Roh, E., Bansal-Travers, M., & Hyland, A. Applying an Intersectional Framework to Tobacco Regulatory Science for the Promotion of Equitable Population Health.

Stanton, C.A., Tang, Z., Taylor, K., Lauten, K., Sharma, E., Kissin, W., Aung, T., Kimmel, H., Marshall, D., Obidegwu, I., Choi, K., Neff, L., Benson, A., Clement, J., Ejike-King, L., Neal, K., Nguyen, K., Montes de Oca, R., Ruybal, A., Bansal-Travers, M., & Hyland, A.  Tobacco Product Use and Cigarette Smoking Discontinuation Among Pregnant U.S. Adults (2017-2021).

Bansal-Travers, M., Rivard, C., Stanton, C.A., Taylor, K., Lauten, K., Sharma, E., Flannagan, K., Kanel, M., Kimmel, H., Romberg, A., Choi, K., Neff, L., Del Valle-Pinero, A., Delahanty, J., Greenberg, M., Lee Morse, A., Reuben, J., Stark, D., Wang, J., & Hyland, A. Nicotine and Tobacco Use Among the LGBTQ+ Community: Findings from the PATH Study (2021).

Kaufman, A., Zebrak, K., Stanton, C.A., Taylor, K., Lauten, K., Sharma, E., Aung, T., Everard, C., Kanel, M., Kimmel, H., Choi, K., Anesetti-Rothermel, A., Carr, D., Ellison, C., Greenberg, M., Lee, T., Malasky, A., Pitts, S., Bansal-Travers, M., & Hyland, A. Tobacco Use Among Adults Reporting Prior Active-Duty U.S. Military Service: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, Wave 6 (2021).

Villanti, A., Lauten, K., Stanton, C.A., Taylor, K., Sharma, E., Creamer, M., Flannagan, K., Kanel, M., Kimmel, H., Kingsbury, J., Kuramoto Crawford, J., Choi, K., Buchanan Lunsford, N., Anesetti-Rothermel, A., Benson, A., Davis Lynn, B., Jackson, K., Jones, J., McCrae, T., Lee Morse, A., Ruybal, A., Salim, A., Teka, W., Tolliver, E., Bansal-Travers, M., & Hyland, A. Intersection of Race/Ethnicity in Menthol Cigarette Use and Cigarette Smoking Discontinuation Among Adults (2017-2021).

Oral Presentations

Edwards, K.C., St. Helen, G., Ozga, J.E., Jacob III, P., & Stanton, C.A. (March, 2023). Using Biomarker Ratios to Distinguish Between Exclusive and Dual Users of Tobacco Products.


Stroup, A.M., Villanti, A.C., Pfund, C., Benjamin, E.J., Denlinger-Apte, R.L., Garcia-Cazarin, M., Kwan, J., & Stanton, C.A. (March 2023). Addressing Conflicts, Bias, and Growth in Early Career Tobacco Regulatory Science Training.

Ozga, J.E., Shuter, J., Chander, G., Graham, A.L., Kim, R.S., & Stanton, C.A. (March, 2023). Co-use of Cigarettes and Marijuana Among People with HIV: Results from a Randomized Controlled Smoking Cessation Trial.

Ozga, J.E., Smiley, S.L., Hart, J.L., Popova, L., & Stanton, C.A. (March, 2023). Premium Cigar Festivals: A Potential Target for Marketing Restrictions.

Laestadius, L.I., Vassey, J., Kim, M., Ozga, J.E., Li, D., Stanton, C.A., Wipfli, H.L., & Unger, J.B. (March, 2023). Themes in E-Liquid Concept Names as a Marketing Tactic: Evidence from Premarket Tobacco Product Applications.

Kim, M., Vassey, J., Li, D., Galimov, A., Han, E., Kirkpatrick, M.G., Stanton, C.A., Ozga, J.E., Lee, S., Santoro, S., & Unger, J.B. (March, 2023). Discussions of Heated Tobacco Products on Twitter Following the IQOS Modified Risk Tobacco Product Authorization and U.S. Import Ban.

Wen, X., Liu, L., Moe, A.A., Ormond, I.K., Shuren, C.C., Scott, I.N., Ozga, J.E., Stanton, C.A., Ruybal, A.L., Hart, J.L., Goniewicz, M.L., Lee, D., & Vargees, C. (March, 2023). Adolescent Use of E-Cigarettes During Late Pregnancy: Yearly Trends, Correlates, and Association with Small-for-Gestational-Age Birth.

Cheney, M., Garrison, K., Abadi, M., Majmundar, A., Shamblen, S., Ozga, J., Stroup, A., Dunlap, C., Chen-Sankey, J., Chavez, J., Grutman, A., & Stanton, C. (March, 2023). Community Characteristics of U.S. localities That Passed T21 Policies.

Agterberg, S., Shuter, J., Stanton, C.A., Seng, E.K., & Weinberger, A.H. (March, 2023). The Relationship Between Perceived Discrimination and Cigarette Smoking in a Sample of People with HIV in a Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial.

Jao N.C., Sharma E., Gautam P., & Stroud L.R. (March, 2023). Premium vs. Non-Premium Cigar Use Among a Nationally Representative Sample of Reproductive-Aged Women: Findings from the 2010–2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Edwards, K.C., Halenar, M.J., Delnevo, C.D., Villanti, A.C., Bansal-Travers, M., O’Connor, R., Del Valle-Pinero, A.Y., Creamer, M.R., Donaldson, E.A., Hammad, H.T., Lagasse, L., Anesetti-Rothermel, A., Taylor, K.A., Kimmel, H.L., Compton, W., Yu-Ching Cheng, Y., Ambrose, B.K., & Hyland, A. (March, 2023). Patterns of Premium and Nonpremium Cigar Use in the United States: Findings from Wave 6 (2021) of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study.

Edwards, K.C., Khan, A., Sharma, E., Wang, L., Feng, J., Blount, B., Sosnoff, C., Smith, D.,  Goniewicz, M.L., Pearson, J., Villanti, A.C., Delnevo, C.D., Bover-Manderski, M., Hatsukami, D., Niaura, R., Everard, C., Kimmel, H.L., Duffy, K., Rostron, B.L., Del Valle-Pinero, A., van Bemmel, D., Stanton, C.A., & Hyland, A. (March, 2023). Validating Wave 1 (2013-2014) Urinary Cotinine and TNE-2 Cut-Points for Differentiating Wave 4 (2016-2017) Cigarette Use from Non-Use in the U.S. Using Data from the PATH Study.

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