HHS IDIQ Contracts

Westat holds several Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that clients can use to work with us in meeting their needs.

HHS Program Support Center (PSC): Specialized Services

Services: The PSC is a shared services organization dedicated to providing support services to help its customers achieve mission-critical results. Specific tasks involve data collection and field observations, analysis, advice on GPRA issues, evaluation methodologies and research design, construct of survey instruments and protocols and all related work. Other tasks covered are translation and interpretation services, web site support, cognitive laboratory services and focus groups, literature reviews and synthesis reports, and dissemination of study results.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Achieving Public Health Impact through Research (APHIR)

Services: Westat services through APHIR include stakeholder engagement strategy planning and execution; consortia development and support; assessment and analysis; policy analyses and policy environment assessments; and meeting planning, support, and facilitation.

Comprehensive Technical Scientific Research and Public Health Support Services for the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

Services: This technical support services vehicle provides surveillance systems support, including formative planning, study design, data collection, and analysis; scientific design, including preparation of protocols, demonstration projects, data management, and scientific system informatics; evaluation, including data analysis involving geographic information systems, biostatistics, and epidemiology; policy analysis; and strategic planning support.

Surveys Fit for Purpose: Monitoring and Evaluating the Nation’s Public Health and Prevention Programs

Services: This vehicle provides for the development and execution of surveys to support monitoring and evaluating CDC-supported public health programs; performance of operational methods studies to assess, evaluate, and adapt survey methods to ensure fit for purpose of individual CDC programs; provision of technical assistance on survey methods to CDC programs; and assessing the feasibility of and supporting the development and maintenance of survey panels to support public health decisionmaking.

Technical and Management Support (TAMS) for Health Promotion

Services: TAMS provides statistics, research design, literature review and analysis, public health practice, surveillance, epidemiology, informatics, data management, data analysis, policy analysis and assessment, formative activities, program assessments, evaluation studies, data abstraction, health education activities, scientific and technical support, preparation of IRB and OMB packages, partner and community liaison services, training development and presentation, and multisite activities.

Training, Translation, and Dissemination (TT&D) and Program Support

Services: This contract vehicle provides professional services in three broad areas: training and technical assistance, translation and dissemination, and program management and performance monitoring. Specific services within training and technical assistance include training plan and periodic needs assessment, development of competencies, learning management systems, distance learning, conference call and webinars, peer-to-peer learning networks, in-person training, training in evaluation, training in chronic disease epidemiology and surveillance, building skills in strategic communications, and documentation. Translation and dissemination will provide guidance and tools on what and how to implement evidence-based strategies and interventions to address diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other chronic diseases and associated risk factors.

For further information about these and other IDIQ contract vehicles and how Westat can work with you, please email us at marketing@westat.com