Center for Association Services

Westat works with organizations to foster healthy, sustainable growth and performance through reliable research and actionable analysis. We help associations and nonprofits gather, interpret, and leverage data to expand revenue, maximize operations, and achieve desired outcomes.

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We put data to work for your organization by:

  • Data collection & management—We maintain and maximize vital intelligence by providing information to understand characteristics and behaviors, analyze market segments, and build relationships.
  • Reliable research & analysis—We help organizations make informed decisions by using rigorous, transparent, reliable analytical techniques to transform information into actionable insight.
  • Surveys—We provide high-quality responses that inform decisions by managing any survey type and length to ensure high-quality, consistent data collection. As industry leaders in survey design and methodology, we use innovative technology to reach the individuals you want to hear from.
  • Data-driven decisionmaking—We merge data and intelligence for value-based decisions to collect the stakeholders’ voice and balancing that information with your organization goals.
  • e-Learning—We apply adult and distance learning theory, evidence-based trends, and standard industry practices to develop courses that support your organization’s training objectives and certification and licensure requirements.
  • Knowledge sharing network—We recognize the power of joining forces to strengthen expertise by bringing together stakeholders to share practices, develop resources, problem-solve, and innovate.