Geospatial Systems

Westat is a leader and innovator in developing and applying global positioning system (GPS) technologies and geospatial systems for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and reporting data that support research in transportation and safety, food and nutrition, health issues, energy, homeland security, community services, and education.

Project Highlights

How do people and goods move about in Michigan?

Transportation experts at all levels of government must routinely assess people’s transportation behaviors, including how supplies are transported, to help them plan for future transportation infrastructure needs. To support...

Measuring traffic data quality in real time

Radio broadcasters provide traffic information for listeners and subscribers, including how fast the traffic is moving, where accidents have occurred, updates on road construction, and more. Where does all...

NOPUS: Are you buckled up?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration use observational surveys of driver and occupant behavior to encourage vehicle occupants to wear safety belts...