Statistical Analysis & Data Science

Big data alone can’t answer any questions. But when coupled with data analytics and applied statistics, the tools of data science, it can help solve real-world problems. Westat takes big data and addresses the gaps by supplementing it with survey data, adding new measures and analyses to uncover patterns, assess limitations, and predict relationships that inform clients and provide valuable insight to research questions. Westat provides the data analysis techniques and tools to drill down, explore, track, and uncover the meaning and value behind data.

Project Highlights

Assessing students' skills for the real world

How well are countries’ education systems preparing children to be successful in their lives as adults? The Program for Student Assessment (PISA) is an international survey designed to find...

Examining health needs of female veterans

Little is known about the long-term health and mental health status of female Vietnam veterans. For many of these women, the effects of this war are still present in...

Keeping tabs on the health of Californians

Policymakers and researchers need a detailed picture of residents’ health and health care needs to promote policies that improve public health; conduct studies; justify programs that fight health threats...