2018 Workshops on Federal Computer-Assisted Data Collection Feature Westat Leadership and Expertise


Machine learning. Virtual listing systems. Multimode, multidevice management. These are just a few of the topics Westat staff will share our expertise on at the 2018 Federal CASIC (Computer-Assisted Survey Information Collection) Workshops, April 17-18, 2018. The event is hosted at the U.S. Census Bureau, in Suitland, Maryland.

Westat Vice Presidents Jane Shepherd and Brad Edwards are the Westat coordinators for this annual workshop series. The following Westat staff will feature the following presentations. For more details, see the meeting site.

Michelle Amsbary, Mike Giangrande, and Brad Edwards. Using Westat’s Virtual Listing System to Replace Field Listing Tasks.

Amelia Burke-Garcia. Using Digital and Social Media in Research in the 21st Century.

Wendy D. Hicks. MEPS: Using Technology to Reduce Burden Now and Improve Quality Later.

Kathleen O’Reagan, Nikki Brown, Rakesh Kudupudi, and Richard Frey. Efficiencies in Multimode and Multidevice Management with Blaise 5.

Gonzalo Rivero, Brad Edwards, Roger Tourangeau, and Tammy Cook. Using Machine Learning Methods to Improve Responsive Designs in Face-to-Face Surveys.

Jane Shepherd. (Chair). Roundtable: Management Challenges Associated with Employee Recruitment/Retention/Development in Survey Research.

Marcelo G. Simas, Anthony Fucci, and Alexander Cates. Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Transportation Surveys.

Marcelo G. Simas and Laura Wilson. Integrating Smartphone Apps into Small Regional Household Travel Surveys.