Westat News Archive

TIF Grantees to Receive Continued Technical Support from WestatWestat is leading a team in providing continued support to Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Program grantees. TIF, a U.S. Department of Education initiative, provides funding for projects that develop and implement performance-based educator compensation systems in high-need schools….
Westat Staff Contribute to Research on Effectively Treating Depression in HIV-Infected YouthWestat’s James Bethel, Ph.D., Jiahong Xu, and Sarah Thornton are contributing authors to a recent article, Effective Treatment of Depressive Disorders in Medical Clinics for Adolescents and Young Adults Living With HIV: A Controlled Trial, in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS) involving treating depression of young adults with HIV…
NCCD Partners with Westat in Evaluating California Well-Being Project

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) has partnered with Westat in the evaluation of the Title IV-E California Well-Being Project. The evaluation team, led by NCCD, will complete a comprehensive evaluation including process,...

Westat's Educator Equity Resource Tool + Educator Equity Plan = Effective Teaching

Westat has just launched its Educator Equity Resource Tool, an interactive instrument that helps states, districts, and schools manage the challenge of ensuring that all...

BJS Selects Westat to Continue Work Surveying Jails in Indian CountryFor the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Westat is serving as the data collection agent for the 2016-2019 Annual Survey of Jails in Indian Country (SJIC), a role we have performed for the 2007-15 surveys….
Dealing with "Dirty" Data Is Topic of Westat White Paper for Chance Magazine

Westat’s Stephen “Shep” Roey, Tom Krenzke, and Robert Perkins, Jr., have co-authored a white paper in Chance that discusses how best to deal with “dirty” data, or inaccurate data, in a way that uses the most...

Westat Researchers Lead Workshop on Making Google AdWords Work for Your Brand

Amelia Burke-Garcia, Senior Director of Digital Media and Director of Westat’s Center for Digital Strategy & Research, and Julie Yegen, a senior digital media associate, will be presenting at PRNews’ Boot Camp: Google for Communicators. Their talk is titled...

Evaluating Driver Distraction from In-Vehicle Voice Systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) needs further first-hand research to understand the potential for driver distraction caused by using voice control systems in vehicles. Established measures of drivers’ eye glance behavior and mental workload could be useful for...

Progress Varies for Education Reform Activities Promoted by the Recovery Act Notes New Westat Co-Authored Report

Westat researchers have co-authored a report that charts the progress of education reform promoted by the Recovery Act. The report revealed that the status and progress of activities varied by reform area and level (state,...

Westat Research Team Receives NCI Director's Award

Westat researchers were part of a group that received a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Director’s Award on November 19, 2015, for their efforts in the Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ETCTN) start-up.

The Westat researchers are part of the NCI’s Cancer Trials...