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2015 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting Draws Westat Research

What can nurse practitioners do and not do? Are there racial disparities in Medicare costs for initial treatments for prostate cancer? How do hospital staff perceive the patient safety culture vs. patients’ hospital experiences? Westat staff will explore these questions and more at the...

Helba to Speak on Panel About Honor Violence in the United States

Westat’s Cynthia Helba, Ph.D., will serve on the panel discussion following a special screening of The Price of Honor, a documentary about honor violence in the United States. Honor violence is violence directed at a...

Accelerating Teen Driver Expertise

Novice teen drivers experience very high crash rates, which only decline gradually over time. Westat will use advanced learning technologies to develop a training module to speed up the rate at which novice teen drivers develop expertise. Such skill includes the rapid and unconscious recognition...

International Clinical Trials Day, May 20

International Clinical Trials Day takes place on May 20 each year, highlighting the great clinical research taking place every day across the globe.

Westat supports our clients and partners in clinical trials efforts, research that…

Rog Explores the Integration of Theory and Practice in Evaluation

Debra J. Rog, Ph.D., discusses the synergistic role between practice and theory in evaluation in Infusing Theory Into Practice, Practice Into Theory: Small Wins and Big Gains for Evaluation, an article which appears in...

The Key to Clinical Data Management Success? Team Cooperation

Westat’s Hui (Tanya) Sun, Ph.D., a clinical data manager (CDM), authored an article, Cooperation Between CDMs and Other Functions: Making It Work, in the Spring 2015 issue of SCDM Data Basics. She discusses lessons learned on how to promote successful cooperation between clinical data...

2015 AAPOR Draws Westat Leadership and Expertise

Are women less likely to answer cell phones? What incentives attract respondents? Does messaging style impact survey response? Do mindful respondents tend to give socially desirable answers? How are mobile devices used for collecting sensitive information? These are just a few of the questions...

Westat-Developed Products Win 2015 Hermes Creative Awards

The Hermes Creative Awards has recognized Westat for its work performed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases National Flu Vaccination Promotion Campaign. The work...

Westat Celebrates Clinical Trials Awareness Week, May 4-8, 2015

Westat joins our clients, partners, and the public in celebrating Clinical Trials Awareness Week, May 4-8, 2015.

Our clinical trials work delivers excellence in design, management, and analysis for domestic...

Employees Select Westat in a Forbes' 2015 Best Employers List

Forbes’ 2015 list of America’s Best Employers ranks Westat 8th in the nation in the...