Pre-K Kids Continue to Benefit from San Antonio Program


Children attending the Pre-K 4 SA program have again surpassed national standards in cognitive, literacy, and math outcomes and closed the gap on others. The kindergarten readiness program for 4-year-olds launched in San Antonio has shown year-after-year achievement.

Westat evaluated this innovative program and has released the Pre-K 4 SA Evaluation Report: Year 4 (PDF format).

More than 2,000 children started this year’s program. Many of them would not have access to early childhood education had it not been for Pre-K 4 SA.

The ultimate goal continues to be to improve school readiness to spur further academic achievement. Ultimately, success with Pre-K 4 SA can lead to a better prepared, more productive workforce.

To find previous year’s evaluations, see the Pre-K San Antonio’s Student Assessment page.