Reimagining Talent Management Systems in Education

March 21, 2022

A human-centered design approach rooted in data-driven decisionmaking can help improve state education agency (SEA) talent management systems. Effectively engaging stakeholders through authentic communication that reflects the local systems is also key.

Experts from the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the Region 14 Comprehensive Center (R14CC), which is directed by Westat, will present a poster on this topic at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 2022 Summit in San Diego, California, March 27-29, 2022.

The poster’s presenters include (Westat staff in bold):

  • Andy Sullivan, Director of Educator Licensure, ADE
  • Sandra Hurst, Director of Educator Effectiveness, ADE
  • Sharlee Crowson, Public School Program Coordinator, ADE
  • Jenna Scott, Educator Effectiveness Portfolio Manager, R14CC, Westat
  • Matthew Finster, Educator Effectiveness Expert, R14CC, Westat
Matthew Finster


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