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Timothy Mulcahy Joins Westat; Director, Social Policy & Economics Research

January 8, 2020

Westat is pleased to announce that Timothy M. Mulcahy has joined the company as Vice President and Director of the Social Policy and Economics Research Practice. Mr. Mulcahy brings 25+ years in senior leadership in evidence-based research and expertise in developing systems that mine big data to improve performance and computing solutions for research.

Before joining Westat, Mr. Mulcahy served at NORC as Vice President and Director of its Advanced Data Solutions Center, as well as its Information Technology Department, and earlier, as Vice President of its Economics, Justice, and Society Department. Mr. Mulcahy’s work has supported projects in Westat’s core expertise areas, including food and nutrition, children and families, labor, health, health economics, and aging. He brings successful partnerships with a variety of clients, including Federal agencies, state governments, and foundations.

Mr. Mulcahy is a member of a number of professional social science organizations, including the American Statistical Association’s Committee on Privacy and Confidentiality, and he recently served on the Illinois Economic Data Task Force. He has also served as a keynote speaker at national and international events, and has published on a range of topics, including statistical analysis, drug policy, access and analysis of data, and virtual research communities.

“We welcome Tim to Westat and look forward to working with him as he brings renewed focus to many pressing social and economic issues and their effects on Americans’ well-being,” notes Scott Royal, Ph.D., Westat President.


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