Truck and Bus Drivers Buckle Up to Beat Record

Commercial drivers—truck and bus drivers—buckled up in record-beating numbers in 2016, to an average of 86%. Buckling up is one of the most effective ways to reduce injuries from motor vehicle crashes.
Westat conducted the Seat Belt Usage by Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers (SBUCMVD) Survey. We’ve fielded these nationwide, observation surveys since 2007.
Seat belt usage data showed:
  • Location: 89% buckled on expressway vs. 83% on surface streets
  • Gender: 86% for male drivers vs. 84% for female drivers
  • Region: 87% in the West, Midwest, and  South vs. 71% in the Northeast
The survey is a collaboration between
  • U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration