Westat Brings Leading-Edge Research to 2018 Transportation Research Board


The impact of voice control in driving performance. Decision support tools. Data visualization. Westat researchers will be sharing their expertise on these and other topics at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting, January 7–11, 2018, in Washington, DC. Westat is also a sponsor of the event.

More than 13,000 transportation professionals from around the world are expected to attend.

Westat-Provided Presentations and Posters

Anthony Fucci. (Presentation). Data Visualization.
Janice Machado, Shawn McCloskey, and Anthony Fucci. (Presentation). 2017 NHTS Data Collection Methodology and Creation of Data Files.
Erika E. Miller, Linda Ng Boyle, James W. Jenness, and John D. Lee. The Impact of Voice Control Task Modality, Difficulty, and Duration on Cognitive Workload and Driving Performance.
Emanuel Robinson. (Presentation). Decision Support, DS Tools and Subsystems, and DSS for Active Traffic Management.
Marcelo Simas and Laura Wilson. (Poster). Integrating Smartphone Apps into Small Regional Household Travel Surveys.


Westat’s TRB Committee Activity

Fran Bents
  • Friend, Motorcycle and Mopeds Committee
  • Friend, Truck and Bus Safety Committee
Jesse Casas
  • Friend, Travel Survey Methods Committee
  • Friend, Long-Distance and Intercity Travel Subcommittee
  • Friend, Statewide Travel Demand Forecasting Subcommittee
  • Friend, Transit Survey Subcommittee
Doreen De Leonardis
  • Friend, TRB Standing Committee on Traffic Law Enforcement
Rick Huey
  • Member, Motorcycle and Mopeds Committee
James Jenness
  • Member, Vehicle User Characteristics Committee
Neil Lerner
  • Member, Young Driver Joint Subcommittee
  • Friend, Vehicle User Characteristics Committee
Adele Polson
  • Member, Occupant Protection Committee
Emanuel Robinson
  • Member, Traffic Incident Management Subcommittee
  • Friend, Freeway Operations Committee
  • Friend, Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee
  • Friend, Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Committee
Marcelo Simas
  • Member, Urban Data Committee
  • Friend, Travel Survey Methods Committee
Jeremiah Singer
  • Friend, Vehicle User Characteristics Committee