Westat Communication Researcher Co-Authors White Paper on Managing Risk in Social Media


Use of social media continues to increase and with such growth comes increased risk.

Pekka Aula, Adjunct Professor of Communication at Helsinki University, writes, “reputation risk, the possibility or danger of losing one’s reputation, presents a threat to organizations in many ways [including] competitiveness, local positioning, the trust and loyalty of stakeholders, media relations, the legitimacy of operations, and even the license to exist.”

Knowing how to manage and mitigate this risk is an issue facing companies, brands, and marketing campaigns. To help address this challenge, Amelia Burke-Garcia, director of Westat’s Center for Digital Strategy & Research, has co-authored a white paper entitled, How to Host an Engaging Social Media Chat (and Keep the Trolls at Bay) in collaboration with Erin Olson and Cooper Munroe from influencer network, The Motherhood.

Key recommendations from the white paper include:

  • How to anticipate and prepare for the inevitable
  • How to bring in supportive and/or expert voices to help create a safe space
  • How to stay out of the fray

To learn more, contact Dr. Burke-Garcia [ameliaburke-garcia@westat.com].