Westat Research Finds Innovative Ways to Study Diabetes Prevalence


Westat researchers Russ Mardon, Ph.D., David Marker, Ph.D., Jennifer Nooney, Ph.D., Joanne Campione, Ph.D., Frank Jenkins, Ph.D., Maurice Johnson, M.P.H., and Lori Merrill collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists to find new ways to use nontraditional data sources for diabetes surveillance research.

Their findings are available in a new article, Novel Methods and Data Sources for Surveillance of State-Level Diabetes and Prediabetes Prevalence, appearing in Preventing Chronic Disease.

Traditional sources of state-level data lack the information needed to track undiagnosed diabetes and related conditions. Westat and CDC turned to nontraditional sources, such as electronic health records, insurance claims, and surveys with expanded samples to overcome this barrier.

“We developed an approach for adjusting the data to reduce bias and make them more useful for state-level diabetes surveillance,” said Dr. Mardon, the study director and lead author. “These methods can be adapted and applied to a range of other data sets that contain the laboratory values needed for surveillance of diabetes.”

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