Westat's Educator Equity Resource Tool + Educator Equity Plan = Effective Teaching


Westat has just launched its Educator Equity Resource Tool, an interactive instrument that helps states, districts, and schools manage the challenge of ensuring that all students are taught by effective teachers.

This tool serves as a guide to develop a comprehensive Educator Equity Plan that accomplishes the two important equity goals:

  • Ensure that all students have access to highly effective¬†teachers.
  • Ensure that the resultant plan is updated annually based on educator effectiveness data, teacher and learning conditions data, teacher retention and attrition data, and other data specific to local conditions.

Achieving educator equity requires a continuous and strategic process. The tool addresses the four phases of this ongoing equity work: analysis, design, implementation, and refinement. Throughout the interactive PDF, these phases are explained in detail, and carefully developed strategies are listed to guide the development of each phase of the equity plan.