Data Security

Data security and confidentiality go hand in hand at Westat. Federal privacy laws require it and respondents are promised it. We have perfected a process that reduces the risk of disclosing the identity of survey respondents through the release of survey data by using a unique set of statistical methods that reduce or modify the data and restricts data access.

Westat-hosted data systems and web sites are subject to stringent security standards and procedures. Security procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure their compliance with evolving industry standards and practices. Physical data security across all network servers is ensured through the use of secure storage facilities and strict compliance with daily backup protocols.

Our robust, federally compliant security initiatives include

  • Centralized Secure Computing Competency
  • FISMA High Enclave and a DIACAP High Enclave
  • FISMA Moderate Requirements
  • FedRamp Certified Cloud Resources
  • Secure User Authentication Mechanisms
  • Security Management Infrastructure and Tools