Consumer Product Evaluation

How safe are products for consumers? Who uses them? How do they use them? What kinds of problems do consumers encounter with the products? Are problems reported? These are just a few of the questions Westat’s researchers and our Center for Transportation, Technology & Safety Research ask when conducting proprietary/confidential product testing and evaluation.

Our team develops questions that measure key issues of concern to clients, using a variety of modes (e.g., in-person, mail, phone, mobile, and web surveys) and methods (e.g., observational studies, focus groups, usability testing, and in-depth interviews). We, then, analyze the results and provide recommendations for next steps.

Our unbiased evaluators and independent test lab add value to product discovery for both users and manufacturers. Our evaluations help stakeholders better understand the relative risks and benefits of products and how people use them. This, in turn, provides scientifically based knowledge to help guide rulemaking and ensure products are safer for the public.

Project Highlights

How safe are aftermarket crash avoidance devices?

Crash avoidance systems are sensors, cameras, and processors installed in vehicles and they function by communicating with other vehicles. They are designed to detect dangerous conditions before the driver...

Making off-highway vehicles safer

Recreational off-road vehicles (ROVs) are characterized by a side-by-side seating arrangement for the driver and the passenger. Hundreds of people have been injured and in some cases killed when...