Health Care Delivery

There are two main goals of health care delivery: to improve service coordination and to enhance patient care. Westat’s research provides national estimates of the use of health care services, information on the nation’s health status, and the quality of care for targeted health conditions.

Project Highlights

Studying daily issues in oral health

Dentists who normally just see patients are now proposing ideas for research studies and helping to carry out the research in their offices. Their patients serve as the volunteer...

Surveying infection control practices at surgery centers

Ambulatory or out-patient surgery centers are increasingly used for surgeries and other invasive procedures that don’t require patients to stay overnight. However, there’s little data on ambulatory surgery centers’...

Tracking and monitoring diabetes prevalence

Since 1980, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled, from 5.6 million to 20.9 million. States bear substantial responsibility for addressing the rising rates of...