Physical Health

Gathering accurate, relevant, and timely data on the health of Americans helps guide actions and policies to improve our nation’s well-being. Westat is in the field, conducting health research through surveys, interviewing, record abstracting, physical exams, and nutrition assessments to determine the status of our health.

Project Highlights

Tracking the path to diabetes over time

More than 84 million Americans have elevated levels of glycemia. If not treated, the condition leads to type 2 diabetes , the 7th leading cause of death in the...

Understanding Vietnam veterans' health

To better understand and meet the health needs of veterans who served during the Vietnam era (the early 1960s to the mid-1970s), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)...

Using CARE in coping with Alzheimer's

Caregivers’ Reactions and Experience (CARE) is a supplemental substudy of the Imaging Dementia—Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study, which began recruiting over 18,000 Medicare beneficiaries in March 2016. CARE...