Blaise Capabilities

Blaise is a comprehensive survey processing system that provides complete support for computer-assisted survey needs. Blaise offers a number of capabilities to meet the demands of today’s automated surveys.

Survey Developer Features

As a development system, Blaise is suitable for survey organizations of any size. Blaise’s powerful programming language and integrated tools offer numerous features:

  • Modular field and block-oriented code promotes reuse and ease of maintenance
  • Parallel blocks support nonlinear progression of an interview
  • Built-in data coding support and external file lookups provide multiple lookup methods, including hierarchical, alphabetical, trigram, or combinations of methods
  • Selective checking mechanism checks all appropriate rules throughout the interview, ensuring data integrity
  • Provides integration with other programs either through Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) or through Open Blaise Architecture
  • Developer’s environment includes online help and tools for testing
  • Comprehensive documentation provides “how to” information and practical examples
  • Provides support for large databases with many levels of hierarchy
  • Provides data export for statistical or database packages
  • Screens are automatically generated with developer-prescribed formats
  • Metadata approach allows for efficient updating and maintenance of instruments

Interviewer, Data Editing & Data Capture Features

Blaise provides a multimode user interface for Windows and Web applications that supports a variety of survey processing needs and offers the following features:

  • The same Blaise instrument can be used in any mode (e.g., computer-assisted personal interviewing [CAPI], computer-assisted telephone interviewing [CATI], data editing)
  • Page-based presentation facilitates interviewer navigation
  • Blaise rules allow interview flow specification, ranging from simple linear to complex and nonlinear flow
  • Multiple interviewer navigation methods provide flexibility while interviewing
  • Behavior mode settings control details of system behavior for each group of users
  • Language can be changed with a few keystrokes for multilingual instruments
  • Remarks can be entered at any point in the interview and can be recalled and viewed
  • Survey-specific user help can be implemented using WinHelp
  • Users can exit and restart interviews at any point
  • Nondestructive backup allows interviewers to efficiently backup and move forward while interviewing

Survey Manager Features

Blaise supports survey management with the following features:

  • Reports track survey progress, missing sample, and other survey management items
  • The CATI Call Management System supports time zones, time slices, quotas, groups of interviewers, and supports strategies for improving productivity and response rates
  • CAPI laptop management systems can be developed using the Maniplus module
  • Programmatic “hooks” enable interfacing with external survey management systems at any point in the interview
  • Large and complex instruments can be developed and maintained economically using the Blaise Programming Language
  • Proven interviewer interface promotes accurate collection of data, thereby reducing the level of post-interview processing