Blaise Documentation

Downloadable programs and documentation to support Blaise developers and users.

Online guides at Statistics Netherland

Other guides

The following documents are available free of charge by emailing

  • Blaise Guide for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
    An in-depth description with examples of all major features of Blaise CATI, including data model design and development, sample management, call scheduling, interviewing, project management, and reporting.
  • The Commute Survey provides an in-depth example of Blaise CATI and is used extensively in the CATI Guide.
  • Blaise 4.5 Developers Guide
    How to use all the features of Blaise and is the latest documentation of the Blaise system.
  • Blaise Maniplus Guide
    How to use Maniplus, a component of the Blaise program that is used to program survey management systems. This guide, though written for Blaise 3, can be used for Blaise 4.

Tools provided by Blaise Services at Westat

When you select a file below, a License Agreement is displayed. You must indicate acceptance of the terms of the License Agreement for the download to take place. The agreement covers all software or tools, and other various files that are downloadable through or from this site.

  • WesAudit Software (zip)
    A software tool for accessing and summarizing Blaise audit trail data – to organize, simplify, and enhance use of audit trail files. It facilitates ad hoc review of individual case files in development, debugging, or problem reporting situations. It also provides a standard way to extract summary information for statistical analysis and reporting.
  • TestNote Software (zip)
    A program to support testing of Blaise instruments. TestNote is a stand-alone Windows executable. It promotes systematic testing of Blaise questionnaires by providing a fast, structured process for testers to document their work. The Blaise developer adds a user-defined menu item to the menu used by the instrument. The menu item starts TestNote passing various command-line parameters about the current field, the data model, and so forth. Testers, when they want to make a note, start TestNote through the Menu item or shortcut key. TestNote opens on the screen, showing various information about the instrument, tester, and current field. Then the tester selects from drop down lists and a radio button group to classify the type of testing note being entered. Next the cursor moves to the general notes memo field where the tester can enter any comments.
  • WesRandR Software (zip)
    A tool for the randomization and rotation of survey items in Blaise. Randomization is a commonly used technique to address potential order effects in survey questions. Response categories for a single question or a series of questions are presented in random order. Rotation is similar with responses or a question series asked in a systematically varied sequence, for example, 1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-1, 3-4-1-2, 4-1-2-3. Some CAI packages include a built-in capability for randomization and rotation. In Blaise this requires custom programming. To simplify use of randomization and rotation in Blaise, we have developed WesRandR to automatically generate ready-to-run code for questions a Blaise datamodel.