Blaise Product Support

Included Product Support

Blaise® License Plans include product support by email for questions concerning installation, software upgrades, syntax, functionality, appropriate use, and technical questions as stated in the Blaise License Agreement.

In addition to the support included with a Blaise License, Westat offers additional fee-based training and consultation.

Additional Product Support

For license holders, other types of support may be offered on a fee basis, including on-site training courses and other consultation or training on the Blaise product. Contact to discuss additional support requirements.

Blaise Training

Westat offers standard training courses for Blaise at its training facility in Rockville, Maryland. See Blaise Training Courses for a calendar of scheduled courses and prices.

In addition, Blaise training is also available at the client’s location. Contact to discuss on-site training requirements.

Blaise Support Policy

Support for Blaise is classified into three levels

  • Level I. This is the highest level of support and is provided for the current production release (PR) of Blaise (currently Blaise 4.8). Under Level I support, new builds are frequently released to repair reported problems or to add limited new functionality or improvements. Hot fixes can be provided for selected critical problems.
  • Level II. Level II support may apply to some releases prior to the latest PR described above. Blaise versions 4.6 and 4.7 are currently under Level II support. Under Level II support, new builds are released to repair reported problems. Hot fixes might be provided for selected critical problems.
  • Level III. Under Level III, no new builds are released. Only under rare circumstances would hot fixes be provided for selected critical problems.

Resolving Problems

Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, the time that it will take to resolve a problem cannot be guaranteed. Any problems will be resolved as expeditiously as possible. When needed, additional information will be requested, such as application source code and data sets. All data provided will be handled in a secure environment and will only be used for analyzing and debugging a reported problem.

While every attempt will be made to provide fixes for serious problems, there may be cases where it is impractical or impossible to generate a fix due to compatibility issues or the potential for introducing unwanted side effects.