Blaise System Information

Blaise® is a program that runs on Windows 7® or later versions. The current release of Blaise has multiuser network capability under local area network (LAN) operating systems.

Specific Modules in Blaise

  • The Data Entry Program is used for interviewing, data editing, and forms-based data entry. Many styles of presentation and four modes of behavior are available.
  • The computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) Call Management System and call scheduler support time zones, groups of interviewers, time slices, and user-defined strategies.
  • BtEmula/BLEmu are emulators for load testing both CATI specific and other instruments on LANs.
  • Manipula is a batch system used to import, export, and recode data. It can be used to generate reports, manipulate data, manage data, and much more.
  • Maniplus is an interactive extension to Manipula. It is a shell tool that can be used for CATI and CAPI laptop management and management of in-office data editing and data flow, among other things.
  • Cameleon is a metadata system and language that can recast Blaise data descriptions into one for SAS, STRATA, SPSS, or other statistical packages or database languages. Users can also use Cameleon to create customized translation setups for an organization’s needs.
  • Delta is an advanced questionnaire documentation tool that reads the Blaise data model meta information file and displays the questionnaire in the format of a Tree View. Item detail is available in either a textual format or a flow diagram.
  • Internet Server Manager communicates with the server or servers to server groups, loads and unloads Internet applications on the server, and monitors server activity.
  • Internet Workshop is used to set the appropriate XSL style sheet, the Blaise menu file, various layout elements for groupings of questions, and server parameters.
  • The Structure Browser allows users to view the structure and hierarchy of their instrument.
  • The Database Browser viewer allows users to see the values of selected fields in a Blaise database.
  • Hospital is a data integrity module that can check the integrity of the database and rebuild it if necessary.