Blaise User Groups

A Blaise licensee has two formal vehicles for interacting both with other Blaise users and with Statistics Netherlands: (1) IBUG and (2) BCLUB.


The International Blaise Users Group (IBUG) is an independent organization open to all Blaise users from around the world. The group maintains the IBUG web site, publishes a periodic newsletter, and hosts a users’ conference about every 18 months. During the 3-day conference, Blaise users present papers and conduct sessions covering a wide range of issues. Blaise developers from Statistics Netherlands also present Blaise development plans. Users may provide suggestions or comments directly to the Blaise development team. IBUG publishes the conference proceedings.

The 2016 International Blaise Users Conference was held October 4-6, 2016, in The Hague, the Netherlands, hosted by Statistics Netherlands. Training presentations from the pre-conference sessions and papers and other materials from the conference are available at the International Blaise Users Group site.


Organizations that have purchased a corporate-level Blaise license are eligible to become a member of the Blaise Corporate License User Board (BCLUB). BCLUB members include large government statistical agencies in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, as well as other research organizations. BCLUB meets annually to discuss usage and plans for Blaise as these relate to Statistics Netherlands’ development plans and priorities.

Statistics Netherlands organizes and oversees the BCLUB. It also schedules meetings and conducts BCLUB communications with users.