Blaise USGCB Compliance

The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) initiative is to create security configuration baselines for information technology products widely deployed across the federal agencies. The USGCB is a federal government-wide initiative that provides guidance to agencies on what should be done to improve and maintain an effective configuration settings focusing primarily on security. The desktop components of Blaise® 4 and Blaise® 5 software have been tested to verify compliance with the USGCB using a security configuration scanner with USGCB scanning capability.

  • Blaise® operates correctly as intended on systems using the USGCB and does not alter the USGCB configuration settings.
  • The standard installation of Blaise® does not alter the configuration settings from the approved USGCB configuration.
  • Blaise® runs in the standard user context without elevated system administration privileges.

Contact Blaise Services at Westat with any questions about Blaise and USGCB compliance.