What's New with Blaise?

18th International Blaise Users Conference

The 18th International Blaise Users Conference (IBUC) will be on October 23-25, 2018. Pre-conference Blaise 5 training will precede the conference on Monday, October 22, 2018. The conference will be hosted by Westat and will be held in Baltimore, Maryland.

A website with further details on registration and hotel accommodations at the conference site will open in early 2018.

Call for papers will be coming soon.

17th International Blaise Users Conference

The 17th International Blaise Users Conference (IBUC) was held on October 4-6, 2016, in The Hague, the Netherlands. Blaise 5 training presentations from the pre-conference sessions, and conference papers and materials from the conference are available on the International Blaise Users Group site.

Blaise 5

Blaise 5 is a major new release of Blaise that provides significantly improved customization capabilities, better support for mixed-mode surveys, a more integrated approach to survey layout, and a greatly enhanced development environment. Blaise 5 enhances the performance gains of recent versions and increases compatibility with the latest Windows operating systems.

This new development environment offers an advanced text editor (with features such as syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, and bracketing) and a WYSIWYG environment for specifying survey layout. It takes full advantage of industry standards such as XML, Unicode, ADO.NET, MVC, and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Blaise 5 maintains as much compatibility as possible with source code and binary files from earlier versions of Blaise. The rules engine in Blaise 5 is an extended version of the rules engine in Blaise 4.x so that the behavior of existing code is not affected.

Blaise 5 developmental priorities are set by Statistics Netherlands in consultation with members of the Blaise Corporate License User Board (BCLUB). Ongoing information about Blaise 5 is available from Statistics Netherlands.

Blaise 4.8 and Blaise 4.8 Internet

Blaise 4.8x has strong architectural, development, and scaling capabilities and continues to serve as a scalable solution for multimode surveys for many users. See our training dates for 2018 classes.

Blaise Tools for Questionnaire Documentation and CAI Testing

Two tools are available for Blaise users for questionnaire documentation and computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) testing: the Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System (MQDS) and the CAI Testing Tool (CTT). Information about how to access these tools is available from Statistics Netherlands.