Evaluating a program to improve STEM learning and teaching

The Challenge 

The Research and Evaluation of Education in Science and Engineering (REESE) program provides grants to advance STEM education and provide foundational knowledge to improve STEM teaching and learning for students of all ages in all settings.

NSF asked Westat to determine if the program is meeting its goals.

Our Solutions 

  • We are describing the REESE portfolio of projects, assessing the rigor of publications produced through the awards, and examining the program effectiveness in growing the STEM knowledge base.
  • We are using a mixed-method approach combining content and rigor analysis, bibliometrics, case studies, and social network analysis.

The Results 

  • Westat is issuing individual reports on separate data collections.  The final report will integrate data from the various data collections to address the overarching study questions.

Our Client 

National Science Foundation (NSF)